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We are Honored to Help Veterans with Our Military Resume Writing Services

Transitioning back to civilian life is a very difficult process. Allow us to make it a little bit easier. Our military resume writing services is here to serve you with all of your resume needs. We make it easy for you, just follow three simple steps. First, fill out the online application. Here you would need to tell us what you need help with and how soon do you need the work to be completed. If you have an existing resume, you can upload it to us for review. Next you will be contacted by one of our military resume writing specialists. You will have access to a live person who will happily answer all of your questions and discuss your military job history in greater detail. We understand that you learned many skills during your service and we want to make sure that every necessary skill ends up on your resume. We specialize in military resume writing and have expert recruiting and resume writing staff on hand who know which of those skills employers are looking for and thus need to be emphasized. Our job is to cast you in the best possible light and the professionals at our military to civilian resume writing services know exactly how to do this.

How we’re qualified
  • We make it easy! Follow our simple three step process to download your professionally polished resume.

  • Personalized approach After you submit your order form, you will be contacted by one of our resume gurus to discuss your skills and experience in greater detail.

  • We are a team! GoodHired you have a team of dedicated professionals standing by you throughout the resume creation process.

We Provide Help with Resume for Veterans

We understand that the transition from military to civilian life is very difficult. But writing a military resume does not have to be difficult. GoodHired provides personalized help with resume for veterans looking for civilian careers. Our team of resume gurus can take everything you learned in the military, put it on your resume in such a way that instantly attracts the attention of HR managers at first glance. With the civilian transition as hard as it is, you should not have to worry about writing a resume. Leave this to us. Our veteran resume writing services has the necessary expertise to prepare a perfect resume for you while maximally reducing the burden on you. We do all the work. All we would need from you are your contact information and what you did in the military. That’s it. Other competitors will have all sorts of hoops for you to jump through and have a robot create your resume. Why put up with this? With GoodHired you get a personalized approach with a veteran resume writer helping you throughout the process. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Put you mind at ease knowing that your resume was created professionally, in accordance with industry standards and it will immediately grab the attention of recruiters. This is especially important nowadays with competition for vacancies as fierce as it is. HR managers receive hundreds of resume for one vacancy and cannot possibly read all of them. What do they do? The briefly skim it and if nothing stands out to them they just throw it away. We have the necessary expertise to make sure that this does not happen to you.

How it works
  • Fill out order form In this step you will need to specify what exactly you need help with (resume, CV, LinkedIn profile etc.) as well as the timeframe i.e. how soon do you need the job done.
  • Contact your writer Next one of our resume gurus will contact you to discuss your job experience and skills in greater detail. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. We will be happy to answer them!
  • Download your resume Download your resume! It’s that easy!

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